UK Boat Holidays

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UKBOATHOLIDAYS, it’s the passion of two best friends. We are being best friends for decades. About us, there is one thing in common that we both love to travel. Our friendship grows strong by traveling. We traveled a lot in the past few years. We are those kinds of people, who love to travel around the world, want to explore new things, and want to know a little bit more about our World. Traveling means a lot to us. The best way to know the world is by traveling and we want to help you to make your travel comfortable and safe by UKBOATHOLIDAY.

I want to share one of our travel stories it’s about our first travel, we decided to go on a boating holiday. At first, I was a bit worried but my scary face was gone when our motorboat slowly go through a river and the wind touch my whole body. It feels like my soul asks for it. You don’t need to believe my word just try it by yourself then you can understand what I mean.

Then we both discover the stunning beauty of the riverside it is simply amazing and can’t explain in a few words. We also discover that each riverside has its uniqueness. We enjoyed that very much. after that our boat went to a fruit market. It is my first time seeing a market on water. I was simply speechless but I loved it.

On that journey, we saw many beautiful things with a pure touch of nature, and love between rivers and people. and I achieved a ton of memory. when I remembered that I got a smile on my face from nowhere.

From then we started traveling. And now we want to help you to live your life properly. we all know that we are always busy with studies, the office, work, etc. so whenever you have time you should make a plan for a tour or travel. by that you can relax your body, and mind and discover your new self. for that, we want to help you with our UKBOATHOLIDAYS.