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About Boat Hire in Cornwall:

Cornwall is a city of immense historical significance, with its geographical location near the English Channel and the Roman presence thousands of years ago.

In recent times, it has become one of the most popular places where people can go and take a boating holiday as their vacation!

We can’t even blame them because Cornwalls has many attractions and waterways that make the boating trip all the more worthwhile.

In this extensive guide, we go over the history, the culture, and what you can expect to see on your boating holiday to the city of Cornwall!

History of Cornwall:

Geographically, the city of Cornwall is a small one, with an area of 3,563 square km. Hence, it has a population of 568,210. To the north and west, you will find the Atlantic Ocean, and to the south, the English Channel. The east is bordered by the county of Devon.

You might think Cornwall is similar to other counties in the English countryside, but that is not true as Cornwall has its own identity. The people there identify as Cornish and have also been recognized as one of the Celtic nations.

Since there aren’t many Cornish people, they were recognized as minorities under the European Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities. As such, they are granted special privileges such as maintaining a distinct ethnic identity

Cornwall sunset view

What is there to see in Cornwall?

You would be surprised to know that a whopping 24% of Cornwall’s GDP comes from the tourism options the city offers.

That alone should let you know how great of a choice you are making when you want to go on a boating holiday in this city!

One of the most attractive places in Cornwall is the numerous floating restaurants that flow from one point to another through the city’s canals! These restaurants allow you to relax and enjoy the serene atmosphere of the water while you chow down on some of the best food Cornwall has to offer. You can easily get on these boats by employing the service of boat hire in Cornwall.

If you’re a surfer, you’re in luck as the incredible beaches of Newquay and Porthtowan are full of surfing companies. All you have to do is just go up to one of the booths and pay a fee to rent a surfboard of your choice!

You can also get automatic boats by contacting self-drive boat hire Cornwall companies. These companies offer cheap options that let you go on automated boating trips around the city. This also applies to the motor boat hire Cornwall services as well!

If you would like to visit Newquay on your Cornwall boating holiday, there are tons of boat hire Newquay Cornwall companies that allow you to rent a boat in no time!

The big boat in Cornwall waterways

Final Words of boat hire in Cornwall:

We wholeheartedly assure you that going on a boating holiday in Cornwall will be one of the most incredible things you will ever experience in your life. As such, we eagerly await your presence in this city of culture, heritage, and serenity, all in the same old city of Cornwall!

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