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Canal Boat Hire in Cheshire

About canals in Cheshire:

When people think of taking a boat trip through the canals, they usually think of places like Venice or Florence. But, there are other arguably more beautiful places you can explore on a boat.

One such place is Cheshire in North West England, home to some of the country’s best canal systems including the Cheshire Ring. In short, the Cheshire Ring is a formation of canals that come from Rochdale, Ashton, Peak Forest, Macclesfield, Trent, Mersey, etc.

Apart from the Cheshire Ring canal system, you also have the Manchester Ship Canal which is exceptionally long in terms of canals.

All of this canal talk might sound boring, but bear with us when we say that you can have one of the best boating holidays in your life in Cheshire.

What better way to do that than enlisting the services of canal boat hire in Cheshire?

History of Cheshire & its canals :

Cheshire as a county has hundreds of years of history in terms of geography, politics, industries, culture, etc.

Geographically, it sits alongside the counties of Merseyside and Greater Manchester to the north, Derbyshire to the east, Staffordshire and Shropshire to the south, and Wales to the west. As for the main city of Cheshire, the cathedral city of Chester is a rather large town due to its population.

Since we are on the topic of boating holidays, Cheshire’s greatest naval attraction, the Cheshire Ring, is a ring consisting of six canals that lay in and around Cheshire and Greater Manchester. The ring is so long that you would need to sail for an entire week nonstop to completely circumnavigate the entire thing. This reason is why people prefer to take narrow boat holidays since they start and return to the same spot.

On the Cheshire Ring, you will find about 92 locks with a circumference of 156 kilometers in total. Long story short, it is a huge canal system that you can take a lot of time to explore fully. Geographically, it passes through Manchester City Center and Peak District in the Cheshire Plain.

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What can I expect at the Cheshire Ring?

In terms of attractions to enjoy, Cheshire is one of the best places in North England you can go to. There are tons of places of interest in and around the canals for you to visit at your leisure.

One of the more popular places to explore is the entirety of Manchester. It is a city full of culture, shops, significant heritage, music, media, museums, etc.

You can even go inside the theater and film studios and check out all the behind-the-scenes action very easily!

Around the canals, you will find something called the Anderton Lift. It is a lift that was built in 1875 to lower or raise boats in the river below.

If you’re a sucker for Victorian-era architecture, you will be ecstatic to know that there is this place called Little Moreton Hall. It is a timber-framed manor house that was built in the 15th century!

On your way through the canals, you will get to see Marple, which is a high aqueduct on top of the Goyt Macclesfield River Silk Museum.

It is incredibly mesmerizing to look at, especially when you consider that aqueducts are an invention dating back thousands of years ago and we are still using it!

One last attraction we wanted to mention is in Middlewich. It is a little salt mill called Lion Salt Works, an interesting place of interest where you can learn how salt is produced.

If you want to explore that finest attraction of Cheshire’s beauty, canal boat hire in Cheshire a service of UK boat holiday can help you out to make a boat holiday trip in Cheshire for you. and we assure you that canal boat hire in Cheshire is trustworthy and safe

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How do I get around in Cheshire Ring by boat?

There are many spots of interest for you to explore at your leisure. It all depends on how long you want your trip to be.

For example, if you want to take one week visiting all of the attractions the Cheshire Ring has to offer, you can make it in time but it would be arduous at times. You can do all of the activities with canal boat hire in Cheshire almost effortlessly!

Alternatively, you can take short breaks that are mid-week or just a weekend break. You can take these breaks from any canal holiday bases on the Cheshire Ring.

Now, what about people who want to spend more than one week at the Cheshire Ring? Well, fret not as the trip to Cheshire Ring can be added to adjacent rings, which you can extend to Chester.

By extending the trip to Chester city, you can visit the many famous city walls and other attractions the cathedral city has to offer!

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Final Words:

Overall, Cheshire is one of the greatest places you can go to enjoy a boating holiday with your family members and friends. There are tons of places to visit, and the Cheshire Ring is an endless stream of entertainment and enjoyment.

Whether you visit Manchester and indulge in its culture or you visit Little Moreton Hall to go back to Victorian times, Cheshire has you loaded with places to visit on your canal boating holiday!