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About River Thames :

There is a saying in the United Kingdom, “If you know the name of the UK, you know the name of the River Thames.” In our opinion, this saying could not be any truer.

River Thames is one of the most fascinating rivers in the UK. It may be only the second biggest river in the country, but the list of attractions it boasts is nothing to be scoffed at.

As such, what better way to experience these attractions of the River Thames other than a boating holiday?

History of River Thames:

Geographically, the river goes through a multitude of counties in England that range from Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, and Berkshire, going all the way to Kent and Essex.

You will find the source of the river at the Thames Head in Gloucestershire. The river contains over 80 islands that have tons of natural elements thriving in them.

The water itself consists of a variety of water like freshwater and seawater.

Since its inception, the river has provided nutrition and sustenance for tens of thousands of wildlife species, making it a site of special scientific interest!

History of River Thames

What is there to see in River Thames?

There are tons of attractions around the River Thames that you can easily enjoy on a boating holiday! Since the length of the river is 124 miles, it is one of those that would take you multiple days to explore but would be one of the most incredible experiences of your life.

Here are just some of the more significant attractions in greater detail!

  • Windsor Castle: If you have ever watched any British sitcom, you will know about the Queen’s official residence, which is the Castle of Windsor. It is quite literally one of the oldest castles in the entire world. It overlooks the Thames river, so when you go on a boating trip on one of the waterways, you will definitely see the castle in all its hundreds of years of glory.
  • Rousham House: This house was built in 1635 by the great Sir Robert Dormer. In terms of ownership, his lineage is still entitled to it, making it one of the oldest places owned by the monarchy. It has a beautiful garden that is walled on all sides, but you can still gaze upon its pristine beauty from your boat very easily!|
  • University of Oxford: This university is known to many people as the oldest university in the English world. It is a cultural monument that boasts hundreds of years of history with its education, academics, artistry, etc.
  • Hampton Court Palace: When it comes to monarchy residences, the Hampton Court Palace is the most well preserved in the House of Tudor. It was the favorite residence of England’s most gluttonous king, Henry the VIII. After his death, the palace became open to the public, so it is more than a great place to visit on your boating holiday!

    Now if you are near the river Thames, wait for what? Just hire a boat on the Thames and spend the best days of your life and make tons of beautiful memories

city beauty of river Thames

About hire a boat on the Thames

In Thames London, you can easily get a boat to visit all of the attractions we previously listed!

There are many private small boat hire companies around the river that allow you to rent any type of boat you want for your boating trip. Once you reach London, you will have no trouble finding a boat for that Thames London you’ve been craving!

Peaceness of waterways

Final Words:

All in all, out of all the places in the UK, the River Thames is one of the greatest ones to go on a boating holiday. With the help of the UK Boat Holiday, you can easily hire a boat on the Thames, whatever type you prefer, at relatively affordable prices!