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Humans are often busy animals, with things like office, work, and school keeping them busy all the time. There are tons of issues that can arise from those fields entirely, which is why a holiday is the best way to relieve yourself.

However, it can be a bit confusing with the number of holiday options you have at hand. We completely understand as we have faced those problems ourselves before. Since you are confused with your holiday choices, why not take a leap of faith and go for a boat holiday in the United Kingdom?

Yes, you might think that a boat holiday is boring on paper, but when you go on one, you will find yourself to be bursting with spirituality and an innate sense of peace at the end of it!

Arguably, the countryside of the United Kingdom is one of the best places in the world to take a boating holiday trip with your family or friends. Its many lakes and rivers make for an exciting journey full of natural beauty and incredible scenery.

boat hire Southampton

To visit this place, you will need to ride a boat, and what better place to hire a boat than us? UK Boat Holiday offers many affordable and luxurious options for any kind of boat you have in mind.

From small rowing boats to large sleeper boats featuring beds and dining accommodations, we have anything and everything you could ever hope for! In terms of services, we offer canal boat hire in the UK, riverboat hires in the UK, boat the ire holidays in the UK, bait boat hire in the UK, and then finally, luxury boat hire in the UK. All of these hiring services are readily available once you set foot in England!

So, why not come on down to the United Kingdom and take a boating holiday with us in the English countryside? With UK Boat Holiday, you can experience the beauty of nature on a boat of your choice with ease!

adorable beauty of the UK waterways

With that said, here are just some places in History that we think are worth your boating holiday trip.

Norfolk Broads

Previously, the area was only known as the Norfolk broads, but recently, they changed the name to Norfolk Broads National Park to promote tourism and grant it the same status as the English National Parks. If you’re in for a scenic boating holiday with tons of traditional tidbits here and there, then Norfolk Broads is the place to go!


Geographically, it stands along the border of Lancashire and Westmorland, but authoritatively, it is under the administration of Cumbria and the Lake District National Park. The lake is known for its eighteen islands and many natural beauties along its waterways, making it one of the top destinations for a boating holiday.


In terms of historical significance, this city is one of the top dogs because many historical events happened here in the middle of this bustling city. It was the departure point for the infamous RMS Titanic and the Spitfire, which was famously in World War 2 against Nazi Germany. So, if you’re up for a history lesson, why not take a boating holiday with UK Boat Holiday in Southampton today?

boat hire enniskillen


Since Portsmouth is a port city, it has tons of boating options, from ferries to cruise boats, making it an optimal destination for a boating holiday!


Birmingham is one of the biggest cities in the United Kingdom, with a population of 1.14 million people in the city and 2.92 million in the West Midlands area of the town.

It is a cultural center with many attractions such as a Town Hall, St.Martin’s Church, Joseph Chamberlain Memorial Clock Tower, etc.

River Thames

Since the river starts in Gloucestershire and follows all the way it is one of the best places you can take a boating holiday on! Along the waterway, you will find many attractions and scenic beauties to enjoy on the trip.

Peaceness of waterways


If ferries aren’t your thing and you are looking for something slower and more serene, Cheshire is where you want to go. With its many canals in the Cheshire ring, it is one of the best places you can take a boating holiday!

Lake District

The Lake District also has some historical and artistic significance since poets like William Wordsworth and Beatrix Potter often wrote about this place in their eccentric poems.


It is one of the oldest cities in the United Kingdom, dating back to the Bronze Age. As such, the city is full of historical attractions worth visiting!


Ambleside is a town in the county of Cumbia that features the lake of Winderemere to its eastern side.

When you visit the Lake District National Park, you will find this town on the highest road pass.

boat on canal


England is known for its massive churches and cathedrals that were built ages ago. One such city that is full of these churches is a city called Cornwall. Situated in South West England.


Geographically, it sits in the country of Northern Ireland in the middle of the upper and lower sections of Lough Erne. The most attractive place to visit in this town is the Enniskillen castle which was built by the Maguires in the 15th century.


Since we are in Northern Ireland, another place you will want to visit is the county of Fermanagh, situated in the Ulster province of the country. Then why not allow UK boat holiday to take you to those beautiful and historic places while you enjoy a boating holiday

lake district boat hire

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