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Canal Boat Hire Birmingham

Birmingham with a boat:

If you live in London, you know that Birmingham is one of the most important cities in the country. It features a large network of canals and rivers, including the Grand Union Canal, one of the longest canals in the United Kingdom.

With amazing waterways flowing through the Greater British countryside offering many amenities eccentric pubs, fields of wheat and cattle, and even gorgeous villages.

It is a magnificently scenic route when you take a boat trip around your time in Birmingham. By hiring a boat you can visit some of the greatest attractions the city has to offer. On your boat route, you can easily visit Warwick, Birmingham, Stoke on Trent, and many more. Every single canal in the city has its own unique traits and tidbits that will make you feel jolly and happy. In every canal, there is an experience to be found.

So, if you are interested in visiting Birmingham’s many canals, what better way to take in the scenery than to hire a boat and go on a boating holiday?

A brief history of Birmingham :

Before we get into the nitty gritty of traveling in Birmingham, a little history lesson is in order. Birmingham is the largest city in the Western Midlands in England, boasting a huge metropolitan population of 1.2 million inhabitants. People commonly refer to this city as the second city in the United Kingdom. Since we are here on the topic of boat holidays and trips, Birmingham has tons of canals and rivers flowing through it that make your boat holidays all the more viable.

Technically speaking, Birmingham has more canals than Venice, the city people most commonly remember as with the most canals. Once a product of the industrial revolution, people use the canal system for leisure purposes entirely today. There are entire boat hire services that let you rent a boat to travel through the city.

You can also find my canal-side attractions side such as Brindley place, a regeneration plant that also functions as an entertainment hub.

A brief history of canal boat hire Birmingham

What is there to see in Birmingham?

As it is one of the most populated cities in England, you will tons and tons of attractions to enjoy in Birmingham. Whatever you prefer or your niche might be, you can bet on the city has it!

One such unique example is Shakespeare’s Home, located in Stratford upon Avon. Drop off your boat and visit one of history’s most significant writer’s abodes, prim and proper in all its poetic glory.

You will also find Cadbury’s world on your route and it is exactly what you think it is, a huge chocolate factory that will put Willy Wonka to shame.

If you’re up for some amusement park thrills, you have Alton Towers on your route. They’re a series of family-fun theme parks and water park resorts. For the thrills, you can take the many adult rides like rollercoasters and 360-degree swings.

Next up on the list, you’ll find the Blisworth Tunnel & Stoke Bruerne Canal Museum. Now, this is one of the more interesting places to visit on your boat trip since it is a museum your boat can actually go through. you need to hire a boat to enjoy this museum, canal boat hire Birmingham can help you.

It is a dimly lit tunnel with various attractions to enjoy while you’re riding on the boat.

Last but not least, you have Warwick castle, a magical experience to behold if you have never visited the UK. The castle boasts many luxurious halls and dungeons, tingling even the most unenthusiastic adventurer in you.

These are some of the greatest attractions you will get to enjoy if you hire a boat and travel through the canal system. We assure you that these places are not the only ones as there are many other sites and fun places you can visit as well!

beauty of Birmingham

What is the Grand Union Canal in Birmingham?

As you can see, there are many canals in the city of Birmingham that are interconnected with one another. But, what would be the longest canal navigation in the city?

To answer your question, it would be the Grand Union Canal, connecting the major industrial cities of London to Birmingham with no effort at all.

Sailing through this canal route, you will find an incredible amount of villages, market towns, and smaller cities along the way. There are even several branches of this canal that extend to different sections of the greater canal network in the UK.

As a common indicator, the south section of this waterway connects London City to the Paddington arm of the Grand Union Canal and even the River Thames at Brentford. Wanna know about the Grand Union Canal, canal boat hire Birmingham can help you out with your one-click. you just click request quote and fill up the form and then take a rest. we can handle the rest of it

Grand Union Canal in Birmingham

Where do I hire a boat in Birmingham?

If you’re looking for a boat to hire in Birmingham, you’ll be glad to know that there are many spots and places where you can easily hire a boat at a cheap rate.

One such service is by UK Boat Holiday, which provides classic boat trips to Birmingham’s finest tourist attractions. Even offer many different types of boats depending on what kind of experience are you willing to have.

For Birmingham narrow boat hire, you have a boat called the Alvechurch Grebe, a luxurious 5 seater that provides sleeping facilities inside of the boat. It is one of the best boats for narrow boat hire Birmingham.

You can even do 1 day canal boat hire Birmingham there pretty easily!

The basic layout includes two single beds or one double bed, a dining table that can function is a dinette, a kitchen and sink area, a shower, a closet an your own bath.

It is extremely luxurious for groups of 4 or 5 willing to tour Birmingham’s many tourist spots on the canal system.

Like this boat, there are many other types of boats out there that you can choose depending on how many people you have, what facilities you need and even the designated routes.

hire a boat in Birmingham

What about my pets?

We get it, who doesn’t like animals? If you are worried about bringing your pet on the trip, fret not as pets are more than welcome around these broads. There is plenty of trails where your dog can let loose and have the best day of his life.

All of you dog owners, you will be delighted to know that you can get a cute life jacket for your dog! This will allow you to take them on your boats and not worry about anything at all.

So, there are many facilities that allow for dog-friendly boat holidays as well as any other pets you might have!

pet friendly boat

Final Words of canal boat hire Birmingham for you

All in all, Birmingham is a fine city to go on a boating holiday with your loved ones. With the number of canals in the city and the attractions they have to provide, you will never feel bored for one second on the boat and even off it!

enjoy the sunset view in Birmingham