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Boat Hire Plymouth

About Boat Hire in Plymouth:

When it comes to port towns, Plymouth is unparalleled in its attractions and history. With tons of boat hire Plymouth options, you can easily take a boating holiday down the rivers and canals of Plymouth and enjoy its serene atmosphere!

The city has everything one could ask for; luscious gardens, cruising tours, and historical places of significance, all in the same city.

What better way to experience all of these things but on a boat across the entire town? Luckily for you, UK Boat Holiday has you covered with a detailed itinerary, a list of attractions you could visit on a boat, and the hiring options you have at hand!

What is Plymouth's history? :

Before we can get down to business, we must familiarize ourselves with the city of Plymouth. In simple terms, it is a port town that you can find on the South Western side of England. More specifically, you can visit the south coast of Devon to find it with ease!

It has a history of thousand years, with the origins of the town dating back to the bronze age when settlements started emerging on Mount Batten. Ever since then, civilization grew at a rapid pace, and more and more people started to migrate to Plymouth for its rich culture and heritage.

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What is there to see in Plymouth?

There are many attractions waiting for your presence in the city of Plymouth! From bustling city centers to wildlife zoos, you won’t be bored one bit on your boating holiday!

Cruise Trip

When you reach Plymouth, one thing you could do is go on a cruise trip! There are many boats hired by Plymouth companies that offer hour-long cruise trips. It is an excellent way to check out the scenic beauties the Devon and Cornish coast has to offer!

If you go on a cruising trip, you will be able to enjoy many amenities such as free bars, buffet-style catering, and of course, the spectacular views of places like Mount Edgcumbe and Royal William Yard.

Coastal Attractions

There are many places of interest to visit in the city as well. The most popular are the Barbican, Royal William Yard, and Mount Edgcumbe. You can find ferry services that allow you to visit all of these places on one single trip!

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All in all, Plymouth is an amazing place to go on a boating holiday, so why not come on down and do boat hire Plymouth with UK Boat Holiday today?

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