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No place has been riper for exploration by naval means than Southampton, a port city southwest of London. It is in the ceremonial county of Hampshire, meaning it falls in the Southern England divide. As for why it is one of the best places to sail your boats around, the reason lies in the rivers Test and Itchen with the river Hamble joining to the south. As such, it is a great place to travel on a boat because you will get to experience many delights on the way.

Boat hire Southampton

Boating holiday in Southampton

The River Test and the River Itchen are two historic rivers of the United Kingdom. And that is also the reason, why you should take a boat holiday in Southampton. These rivers witness many historical events. The famous RMS Titanic departed from this city with over two thousand people onboard. Unfortunately, we all more or less know the case with the Titanic and what happened to it.
However, tourists and onlookers haven’t stopped touring the city on various transportation methods, the most popular being boats.
The city was the ground zero of Spitfire production, the spitfire that flew across Europe donning the RAF insignia.
It also has a major association with the Mayflower, a ship full of travelers who sailed to the New World all the way back in the 1600s.
With all of these historically significant events happening in just one city, it is no wonder one of London’s greatest attractions and tourist places. Because of the rivers that flow from the south, it is one of the most beautiful places you can travel through on a boat.

In terms of boating, you can enjoy the annual Southampton Boat Show that is held every September. The show features over 600 exhibitors with thousands of boats.
Since the show runs for just over a week, you have a brief window to explore it. And what better way to enjoy a boat show than hiring a boat? We are only highlighting a few things for a boating holiday. But you will discover more when you go on a boat holiday in the goddam city. We can bet you on it. So, then make a boat holiday plan in Southampton and inform us (boat hire Southampton). We will arrange everything for a boat holiday before you set foot in Southampton. We are eagerly waiting for you.

Top attractions of Southampton

Top attractions of Southampton

Southampton has a rich culture of media, sports, entertainment that span hundreds of years. One such example of culture is the Tudor House Museum. Tudor House was the historic abode of King John of England back in the 11th century. Even though historians may claim otherwise, it is no doubt one of the most historically significant places Southampton boasts.

As for media and entertainment, you can find the largest theater in Southern England called the Mayflower Theatre. It has a capacity of 2,300 people and features famous shows like Les Miserables, the Rocky Horror Show, etc. If you are someone who appreciates art, fret not as there are tons of art galleries in the city, most famous of them being the Southampton City Art Gallery located at the Civic Centre. we will be doom if we describe every top sights one by one. Take the list and explore everyting by yourself.

Holly Hiil Woodland park
Royal Victoria Country Park
Woolston Waterfront
We come in peace
Solent sky
May Flower park
Tudor House and graden
Southampton Ghost tour
Southampton Old WALL

southampton, night, the light-850884.jpg

Arundel Tower
Houndwell park
Sea City Museum
Southampton City Art Gallery
Guildhall Square
East park
Titanic Musicians’s Memorial
Southampton Common
Daisy Dip
New Forest Wildlife Park

Besides these spots, more places are waiting for you. Again we say, the best way to spend your holiday in Southampton is by boating


Places to stay

In every part of Southampton, you can find top-class cottages and hotels. Where you can let lose yourself like you can at home. Few of them can give you royal service like you are a king or queen. Besides these hotels are not very costly.

Final Opinion

Southampton is a beautiful city with hundreds of years of historical significance and a great network of rivers flowing through it.
If you have ever wanted to go on a boat trip, this city is one of the best ones you can think of!

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