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want to enjoy a boat holiday in the UK. But facing problems in getting a boat. Don’t worry, we are here to make your hard-earned holiday meaningful. Because we provide boats at an affordable priceĀ 

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Why you should choose the UK's waterways for a holiday?

Humans are the busiest animals in the world. schools, colleges, offices, and businesses always keep them busy. As a result, human life became boring, dull, and stressful. That’s why human needs a holiday to relieve and refresh the body and mind. Anyone can do their job two times more perfectly after enjoying a nice holiday. That’s what we believe. Now you are confused with the number of holiday options you have at hand. We completely understand as we have faced those problems ourselves before. Since you are confused with your holiday choices, why not take a leap of faith and go for a boat holiday in the United Kingdom?
Yes, you might think that a boat holiday is boring on paper, but when you go on one, you will find yourself bursting with spirituality and an innate sense of peace at the end of it!
Arguably, the countryside of the United Kingdom is one of the best places in the world to take a boating holiday trip with your family or friends. Its many lakes and rivers make for an exciting journey full of natural beauty and incredible scenery.

To visit this place, you will need to ride a boat, and what better place to hire a boat than us? UKBoatHoliday offers many affordable and luxurious options for any kind of boat you have in mind. From small rowing boats to large sleeper boats featuring beds and dining accommodations, we have anything and everything you could ever hope for! So, why not come down to the United Kingdom and take a boating holiday with us in the English countryside? With UKBoatHoliday, you can experience the beauty of nature on a boat of your choice with ease!

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we currently provide boats in Windermere, Southampton, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Birmingham, and the Lough Erne area.


Windermere is quite arguably the largest natural lake in the United Kingdom. It spans more than 11 miles in length and a whopping one mile in width. The lake is known for its eighteen islands and many natural beauties along its waterways, making it one of the top destinations for a boating holiday.


Southampton is a city in the county of Hampshire in Southern England. It is a port city that is situated 110 kilometers south-west of London and 24 kilometers to the west of Portsmouth.
In terms of historical significance, this city is one of the top dogs because many historical events happened here in the middle of this bustling city. It was the departure point for the infamous RMS Titanic and the Spitfire, which was famously in World War 2 against Nazi Germany. So, if you’re up for a history lesson, why not take a boating holiday in Southampton today?


Following the theme of port cities, Plymouth is one of the more interesting ones with its historical significance.
It is one of the oldest cities in the United Kingdom, dating back to the Bronze Age. As such, the city is full of historical attractions worth visiting!

Lough Erne

Lough Erne is a huge lake, basically, It consists of two lakes, Upper Lough Erne and Lower Lough Erne. it is famous for its stunning natural beauty, awesome islands, peninsulas, and wooded shores. so it is a perfect destination for a boat holiday.


Birmingham is one of the biggest cities in the United Kingdom, with a population of 1.14 million people in the city and 2.92 million in the West Midlands area of the town.
It is a cultural center with many attractions such as a Town Hall, St.Martin’s Church, Joseph Chamberlain Memorial Clock Tower, and many more that make it a worth visiting place. If you want to enjoy the nightlife in a canal, Birmingham is the best place you could go to with its intricate canal system.


Similar to Southampton, Portsmouth is also a port city in the county of Hampshire. But, unlike Southampton, it is the most densely populated city in all of England.
Since Portsmouth is a port city, it has tons of boating options, from ferries to cruise boats, making it an optimal destination for a boating holiday!

We hope you can enjoy your hard-earned holiday and make a lot of memories with your loved one.


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