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Boat Hire Portsmouth

About boat hire Portsmouth:

When it comes to taking a boating holiday, no place is as attractive and exciting as Portsmouth in England. It is one of the best places you can take a boating holiday in!

However, you might be wondering how you can navigate the waterways and the city itself, which is why you need to hire a boat!

Luckily for you, UK Boat Holiday has you covered with excellent options at very affordable prices. So, buckle up and relax as we go through all of the attractions and boating options you will find in Portsmouth!

A brief history of Portsmouth :

The origin of Portsmouth is a historic one as it was a significant town for many historical events. If you wanted to, you could trace back its lineage back to Roman Empire times!

In short, Portsmouth began as a port town with a royal charter back on 2 May 1194. It was the first line of defense against the French in 1545, making it one of the key bases for the military.

Now it serves as a tourist place with many different attractions for all kinds of visitors.

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Attractions in Portsmouth:

We could go all day and not be finished with the number of things to see in Portsmouth, so let’s keep it brief.

When you get to the city either by boat or by land, you will want to visit Portsdown Hill. It is a series of astounding hills on the northern side of Portsmouth that lies inside Fort Southwick.

You also have the Portsmouth Cathedral, which has hundreds of years of history. Now, since you’re here on a boating holiday, Portsmouth Harbour is one place you want to visit. It is one of the largest natural harbors in all of England and hosts the strait of Solent.

You may know it as the home of the Royal Navy as many Navy ships are stationed here. Before modernization, this place was used as a naval base during the war against the French. But, now it is one of the best places to visit on a boating holiday.

There are tons of ferry options that provide services to Cherbourg, St Malo, Caen, etc.

Attractions in Portsmouth

How do I get around ?

The best way to tour Portsmouth is on a boat, which is why you will have to rent a boat after arriving there.

You have the service of private boat hire Portsmouth, which allows you to hire any type of boat any time you want.

Suppose, you wanted to go on a ferry trip to the Solent. For that reason, private boat hire Portsmouth can help you hire a ferry from the harbor whenever you want!

Other than that, you also have small boats like canoes and dingy boats that allow you to get around small places really easily.

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Overall, Portsmouth is an excellent place to visit when you want to set sail on a boat and don’t have to worry about anything. We hope this guide has helped you answer any questions you had clearly!

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