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How can Windermere boat hire help you?

When it comes to natural lakes in the United Kingdom, nothing can beat the prowess and sheer size of Windermere. It is the largest natural lake you can find in her Queen’s domain. It is a beautiful ribbon lake that was formed in a glacial trough after the ice retreated at the start of the current interglacial period. Since it is the largest natural lake in the country, it is the target for many eager tourists and tourism industries. Every year, thousands of people visit the parks, lakes, forests, etc., and enjoy nature’s finest work in the flesh.

if you are one of the thousands of people who want to take a trip to Windermere and enjoy many of its attractions. the best way to enjoy this is on boat trips. then Windermere boat hire can help you out before you set foot in the Windermere. just give your contact information to us. we will reach you in a short moment with an amusing offer you can’t imagine in your mind

Tiny history of Windermere for tourist:

In terms of geography, Windermere is situated on the border between the famous counties of Lancashire and Westmorland. Surrounding the lake is a huge park that is a national attraction.

Ever since the formation of the Kendal and Windermere Railway branch in 1847, more and more people have been coming here to visit the lake and enjoy nature. Today, the lake is under the administrative authority of Cumbria and the Lake District National Park. As a result, the lake has been home to some of the best beauties nature has to offer. The lake might be drained from the southernmost point of River Leven, but it is effortlessly replenished by the rivers Brathay, Rothay, Trout Beck, and Cunsey Beck to name a few.

As for the people living around it, there is only one town that is situated on top of the lakeshore. It is called Bowness-on-Windermere and it does not directly come in contact with the lake.  The village is about a 20-minute walk from Miller ground, the closest point on the lakeshore.

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What is there to see in Windermere with a boat?

Windermere may be a lake, but in it, you will find 19 islands that have their ecology and systems.  For example, the largest island in the lake is Belle Isle, a privately owned island that sits opposite Bowness. This island has a land area of 40 acres with a kilometer in length.

A bit of history is in order. The island was originally called Lang Holme and it was the center of the manor of Windermere a long time ago. As for the other islands, you can call them Holmes, since they are small in size. Most of these islands have rocky surfaces with diverse greenery all around.

Another big attraction is the Windermere Steamboat Museum, located on Rayrigg Road in Bowness. The museum features a collection of vintage steamships that date back to 1850, with some of the boats being as old as over 250 years old!  The museum was closed for renovation in 2006, but it reopened in 2019 with a name called the Windermere Jetty: Museum of Boats, Steam, and Stories.

In the eyes of Windermere boat hire service, Windermere is one of the finest places to take a boating holiday. 

A funny little tidbit about that, steam launches are so popular in Windermere that they named a steam-powered kettle the “Windermere Kettle”.

When you get on a boat and cruise along these waters, you can enjoy the sight of these islands from a distance very easily. But, if you want something else, you can tour the lake and the national park around it on a Water Bus.

So isn’t Windermere worth it for a boating holiday?

sunset view of Windermere

Avoid this when you visit Windermere:

  • The crowds: as you know Windermere is well known for its beauty. so it attracts a lot of tourists every year. so Windermere is always busy and crowded. but why are you in Windermere? Of course, to enjoy your holiday. And your holiday will be destroyed if you go with the crowd. you can not enjoy the calmness, and can not relieve your working stress or daily stress. In the end not only your holiday is wasted but also you get more stress. so, we recommend you avoid the crowd.

  • the cost: already know Windermere is a popular tourist place. so in there, everything is costly. So, don’t buy or spend your money on unnecessary things. before you go to explore the Windermere, plan everything. it will save you money. 

    All best for your holiday.

Enjoying the boating holiday in Windermere


Windermere is a wonderful lake to visit as it is the largest natural lake in the country and offers wonderful sceneries and sights for everyone. Make sure that you hire a boat to fully experience Windermere in all its natural beauty. If you hesitate to hire a boat, then go with Windermere boat hire services, one of the best boat hire services in Windermere. 

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