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Why you hire a boat in lough erne?

The county of Fermanagh is a huge landmass that is situated in the Southwestern corner of Northern Ireland. As such, it is one of the premier places to go on a boating holiday since there are many rivers and lakes around the county!

So, if you want boat hire in Fermanagh and just relax on a ferry, why not hire UK Boat Holiday for the job? We provide tons of boating options for your ideal boating holiday.

Stick around to find out what is there to see in the beautiful county of Fermanagh.

What is there to explore in Fermanagh?

Fermanagh’s nickname is Lakeland County; an appropriate name considering the greatest attraction of the county has tons of waterways that you can explore any time you want.

If you do come to Fermanagh, you will want to visit the Erne System, a collection of scenic landscapes and islands that stretch far into the horizon.

When you hire a boat, you will be able to visit open fields, discover fishing spots that no one has ever seen before, and enjoy the natural habitat of many wildlife species from a greater perspective.

There are many different types of boats to choose from! You have a boat called the Carrickcraft, a magnificent yacht that can house 20-25 people with ease. It has a top deck that allows you to see the attractions in greater detail! Like the Carrickcraft, there are tons of different ships that offer unique features. These features allow you to shape your boating holiday without any extra costs easily!

Beauty of Fermanagh


Out of all the places we talked about, we wholeheartedly recommend boat hire in Fermanagh as it is leagues above most other waterways around Northern Ireland!

So, why not come on down and experience this serene atmosphere in all its glory with UK Boat Holiday?

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